Pictures of Faya Orphanage Kids from a Visiting Family

We are so delighted to receive pictures from families who visit Faya Orphanage. This great family sent us a bunch of pictures to share – thank you so much!! For visiting, for taking pictures, and for giving donations.

Here is Sintayehu hamming it up for the camera in the orphanage courtyard. Er – maybe he is avoiding the picture!

Of course, they is always the requisite coffee ceremony!

Some of you will recognize the oldest girl living at the orphanage. She is a sweetheart, and growing up to be quite a lovely young lady! She is giving Meseret, the director (who is also usually camer shy,) a big hug.

And, plenty of donations delivered – doantions from visitors are always welcome appreciated! What isn’t used at the orphanage is routinely distributed in the community to deserving children anf families.

Thanks so much for the pictures!!

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