November pictures of Faya Kids

Thanks so much to Laura for these fantastic pictures from her visit in November! Enjoy the lovely pictures of the Faya Orphanage children. She wrote about her trip:

“Faya was great to visit.  We arrived by surprise, but they still welcomed us right in and made coffee and gave us a tour – it is such a great place and they take much pride in the facility and the children – just wonderful.  Here are pictures from Faya…enjoy.  The one of the two boys in the van was so cute. They are twins and they got in our van and it took us all ages to get them out – they were so mad when we had to leave, they were having so much fun…”

In the courtyard.
Welcoming children!
Meseret and one sweet little orphanage resident.
A caretaker and a cute baby boy.
Little imps! Trying to drive away with the van!

If you would like to sponsor a child, please click here to learn more.

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