Recent pictures from Faya Orphanage

Sintayehu, a caregiver, visitor MacKenzie and the kids

Thank you so much to our wonderful friends Mark and Mackenzie, who recently traveled to Ethiopia. They shared these lovely pictures with us from their December visit… They guys arrived wtih full arms and left with warm hearts!

Meseret, the director, holding a lovely little baby. 
Shining faces…
This little guy trikes me as mischevious! 

Long-tern resident K – she is turning into quite the lovely little lady! 

You can see Mark in the background of this picture.
This little boy’s outfit is so cute – I think it’s a hockey jersey or something!
Off on her way to school…
Eating some coffee ceremony popcorn!

One thing that Mark really commented on was how attached the kids appeared to be to the caregivers at Faya Orphanage. His wife told me that the kids were friendly and would say hi, but didn’t maul him or his son the way kids at the other orphanages did. When they were there for a bit, the kids definitely interacted with them, but they weren’t attention-seeking or overly gregarious. that was great to hear!

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