A photo tour of Adama / Nazret

Faya Orphanage gates and house.

Our partner organization, Faya Orphanage is located in Adama, Ethiopia. I thought I would blog today a little bit about the city and the surrounding countryside, so you can get a picture of what it is like. You can see more pictures of the actual orphanage here.

On the highway just north of Adama.

Adama is a couple hours south of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.  It’s a confusing place, mostly just because no one is sure what to call it.  As far as I can figure, Adama was the city’s original name in Oromo.  Haile Selassie renamed it Nazret, but in the last decade it was changed back to its original name.  Probably something to do with the cultural revolution (the relatively new autonomous education and political systems relating to tribal groups.)

The poverty is quite overwhelming in some Adama neighbourhoods.

As a side note, Vulnerable Children’s House 2 House program (administered by Faya Orphanage) also sponsors kids and families in Wonji and Ambo.)

Adama and Ambo - locations of our House 2 House program
On the main roads - transportation is pretty old school.

Anyway, whatever you call it, it’s a nice little city.  Don’t expect anything fancy! since it is nothing like the metropolis of Addis.  There are less physically challenged and painfully poor people on the streets compared to the capital, but overall it’s a step back in time.  the main industries are sustainence farming – and north of Adama is a new industry of flower greenhouses (which moved north after the troubles in Kenya.) Overall, it’s a poor place, but friendly and accessible.

A sponsor walking the streets and admiring the flowers.

Horse taxis are common, and donkeys – oh, donkeys! – are everywhere. There are a few nook and cranny shopping areas that reminded me a little more of the souks in Morocco.  The earth is red and dusty, but the tropical plants in many of the streets, especially in the newer parts of town, make it feel more alive.

Ah, the donkeys!
The local people are mainly Oromo – Adama was in past times the capital of Oromia. Some people are Ethiopian Orthodox Christian; other are Muslim (mainly in the countryside.) The children in our House 2 House program are both – we don’t discriminate and are happy to help children of any religion. In this part of the world, both religions live in peace and harmony.
A sustainence farmer in a Muslim area just outside of Adama.

If you are traveling to Ethiopia and would like to visit the orphanage in Adama (with donations in hand!) then please drop us an email and we will hook you up: info (at) vulnerablechildren.ca

Another local neighbourhood in Adama.


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