Campbell Collegiate buys supplies for Faya Orphanage

Students from Campbell Collegiate in Regina, Saskatchewan wanted to make a difference for other children oversees. With coaching from teacher Mme. Naomi Fortier-Frecon, the students held a multicultural lunch to raise money for Vulnerable Children Society and its Ethiopian partner, Faya Orphanage.

The students far surpassed their fundraising goal, and raised an astounding total of $1400 for the cause. Their initial desire was to buy food, medical and other supplies that the children at Faya Orphanage need. 

Since their teacher Mme. Fortier-Frecon was traveling soon to Ethiopia, they decided to purchase  50 pairs of crocs style shoes and donate $700 for Naomi to take with her to be spent in Adama.

An additional $500 will be sent to Vulnerable Children Society, earmarked for a capital project like the purchase of a new house for Faya Orphanage.

What a super job these great, enthusiastic students did! Thank you so much!!!

Stayed tuned for pictures of Naomi’s shopping spree in Ethiopia later this week!

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