Teacher shops for kids in Ethiopia

Part of the students Campbell Collegiate’s plan to donate to Faya Orphanage was that their shopping emissary: the students’ teacher Mme Fortier-Frecon was going to Ethiopia to purchase local supplies.

In early February, Mme. Fortier-Frecon arrived in Adama, Ethiopia. She was delighted to visit Faya Orphanage, and to shop for supplies with orphanage director, Meseret Demissie. (See our article on maximizing your donations.)

She purchased furniture, including much-needed storage shelves, and supplies for the orphanage children. The following pictures are from her shopping trip. We’ll post more pictures next week of the children at the orphanage.

Meseret in the furniture store.

Here are some pictures sent to us later my the orphanage director, of the furniture put to good use!

Thanks so very much again to the fundraisers at Campbell Collegiate and to the traveling Mme. Fortier-Frecon!

PS: see the blue boxes? those are from other travelers – they are so handy.

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