BC visitors write about their trip Faya Orphanage

Thank you so much to Flora and Tim for taking the time to write about their visit to Faya Orphanage!

In early Febuary, my husband Tim and I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting Faya Orphanage with a few other families who were bringing donations. We were greeted very warmly upon our arrival by Sintayehu, who is one of the founders of Faya.  He was so grateful for the donations that one of the families had brought with them, and greeted each one of us as though he was so happy we had come!

We were brought into the main room, and some of the children were playing there, a baby was being bounced on one of the knees of a caregiver, kids were laughing!  Tim and some of the other boys with us, found a soccer ball, and that started a game of soccer/volleyball, which was fun to do with the kids, I loved watching the little boys try to kick the soccer ball with all they had!

I was very much struck by how lovely the people are who work there, we came relatively unanounced and were greeted like old friends!  Also the facility,  it was very clean and neat and very well taken care of.  It was obvious that the children are being well looked after.  It was really neat to see first-hand, the day-to-day workings of a non-profit at the ground level. We really love the holistic approach that the Vulnerable Children’s Society takes in regards to the children, in terms of supporting families to keep children with them, making the placement of a child in an orphanage, the last option, which is as it should be! 

Certainly, Tim and I left, wondering how and when we can support Faya Orphanage and the Vulnerable Children’s Society into the future! 

Flora Meier

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