No charitable receipts THIS year

I’ve been emailed by a few supporters enquiring about tax receipts for their sponsorships and donations.

The bad news is – we can’t issue tax receipts this year.

The good news is – we should be issuing tax receipts by next year!

Why? We actually didn’t send out tax receipts for this year, because we aren’t a charity – yet. We are still in the application process for charitable status.

Vulnerable Children Society is a registered non-profit society (registered in BC.) Here is a handy document discussing the difference between non-profit societies and charities. Charitable status (being registered as a charity through Revenue Canada) takes quite a while. Society registration was the first step towards charitable status, writing our agreements with Faya Orphanage was the second step, and then we rushed to start filling out the additional paperwork. Since, we have sent off our completed application to Canada Revenue. We’re waiting now for that charity designation. We are expecting to wait 8-10 months from now until we hear back from them.

Our application was very complete and we don’t anticipate any issues with it. So by this time next year, we should be issuing you all tax receipts for your wonderful, outstanding support!

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