Visitors Appreciated by Orphanage Director: Letter

There were several families who visited Faya Orphanage in the last month.

Director Meseret Demissie wrote me a note full of appreciation for the visitors and the amazing donations they brought, purchased in Adama and contributed.

We don’t have pictures and notes about all the visitors  – but we thank each and every one of your amazing people who connected with our awesome Ethiopian partner.

If you are interested in visiting Faya Orphanage, please contact Nicole (one of our awesome volunteer directors) via and we will connect you to the folks in Ethiopia.

“We have got two containers who had cloths and toys last week .we collected  it from wegos guest house .. all the toys and the size of cloths are very nice for our children. Some times we need cloths for very poor children.” (These were containers sent from Arnica Rowan via Laura& Shawn, and Alison and Corrie)

“Shirley and Alicia… Sintayehu contacted them and they asked me what is the most important thing uses for our children. They bought lots of formula milk, diapers, cooking oil, soap body and cloths, corn flakes. baby size shoes, cloth, some medicines and pasta. We really appreciate the donations! Thanks to them so much.” Sintayehu added: “The other important news of th week is about Alicia and Shirley. They did a great job. Even though they have no time to visit Faya, they bough some food staffs from Addis. I hope you will get the details from Meseret.  It is good to send visitors like this whenever you get the chance.”

“We always appreciate any families come and visit Faya Orphanage. They are special guests for me and for the children too. We always talk about how Vulnerable Children Society is doing  hard work to keep Faya sustainable.”

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