Wonderful story from visitors Tracey and Jason

YES – that’s a fridge! Visitors Tracey and Jason left a cool legacy behind at Faya Orphanage when they visited in May. Read their wonderful story and see pictures of their visit!

I just wanted to say thanks so much for helping us meet up with Sintayehu and Meseret.  We met up with them on May 25th and had a fabulous time!

First of all, they are both so friendly, welcoming and gracious!  What wonderful people they are!  We met up with them initially at a gas station in Adama and then once we connected we went to the Safari Lodge for a drink and to learn about Faya.

Sintayehuis so outgoing that he and my husband really had a lot to talk about….lo!

It was so much fun.  We then shared with them amount we had to donate (as we were sharing our fundraised money between 2 organizations).  They looked really happy and so delicately asked if it would be ok if they used it to buy a fridge as their`s was not working properly any more.  We thought that was a fantastic idea, so off we went to do a little appliance shopping (never thought I`d be doing that in Ethiopia…lol)!

God love them, at the appliance store, they looked at a fridge, the only one in the price range, and it was sooo tiny.  They didn`t complain though and seemed to be content.  CLEARLY that sized fridge would not meet their needs, so  Jason and I agreed to tap into the fundraised money remaining so that they could buy the much larger  fridge that was more suitable (with still plenty left for the second organization).  I think poor Sintayehu and Meseret were in shock with our offer to buy the much larger fridge, but after some assurances by us that we were more than happy to do so, they happily took us to the bank to get more Birr.  At the end of the day, we ended up with a fridge and a juicer!

They then took us to Faya were we got a tour, played with some of the younger children, had a coffee ceremony, and of course unloaded and installed the fridge.

I think Sintayehu and Meseret were happy.  We left them with a fridge and juicer, but really they were the bigger blessing as we walked away from that experience much better people from having met them and learning about the fantastic work that they do. It really was one of the highlights of our trip!

I thought I would just attach a  couple of pictures of the day.  Thanks for helping this all happen!

No, thank you, Tracey and Jason!!!

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