Charitable Status Update

Vulnerable Children Society applied for charitable status with the Charities Directorate of Revenue Canada in March 2011. This past week we were contacted by the Charities Directorate asking for clarification on a few of our programs. They also made some small helpful suggestions to slightly change our purposes and our contract with Faya Orphanage as well, which we are following to the tee.

In order to respond to their questions, we need to complete our up-to-date year-end draft financials, as well as prepare written documents answering their questions. We hope to submit these back in the next few weeks. With any luck, we might gian charitable status and be able to issue tax receipts in early 2012! Keep your fingers crossed!!

Note that when we do start to issue tax receipts, we will most likely be asking our monthly donors and sponsors to switch their  payment agreements to a new system. We’ll keep you posted on this, after we investigate which system is best for us and you, our wonderful supporters.

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