Waiting in Wonji: a field report from director Chris Ardern

This is T. She lives with her grandmother. Her parents are gone.


T. lives in Wonji, Ethiopia, a small industrial town hit hard by HIV/AIDS. Almost every child from Wonji in Vulnerable Children Society’s House 2 House program is HIV+. The very few children in the program who are not positive are from families whose lives have been shattered by the virus.

Chris Ardern, a member of Vulnerable Children Society’s Board of Directors, visited Wonji in November. When asked why sponsorship was important for the children and families in Wonji, a local government official said that the better nutrition House 2 House sponsorship provides helps to keep children in Wonji who are HIV+ alive. Quite simply, in many cases sponsorship prolongs the lives of children with HIV; with better nutrition, the anti-retroviral medication the children are on is more effective and the risk of opportunistic infections goes down.

Sponsorship helps children stay healthy. Sponsorship helps children grow. Sponsorship helps children learn. Sponsorship helps take some of the worries away.

Sponsorship through Vulnerable Children Society’s House 2 House program helps kids be kids.

The local government in Wonji has identified T. as being in urgent need of sponsorship. This holiday season, Vulnerable Children Society wants to find a sponsor who will, without a doubt, change this little girl’s life.

Jan 11, 2012: A sponsor has been found for T!

Make a difference for this deserving child.
#1 Click the link below
Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!
#2 Add the amount of $35
#3 Select “Repeating Donation”
#4 Select “Community Child Sponsorship” in the Fund area.
#5 Complete your monthly donation. You will receive your tax receipts directly from CanadaHelps.
Please click the button that shares your name, address and email with the charity, as we really want to know who you are and be able to send you updates on the child and newsletters!
Thanks so much!

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