Second call: Brother / sister duo needs a sponsor to get by

This thirteen year old girl does her best to take care of her ten year old brother. but it isn’t easy when they have to fend for themselves and live with extended family. You could help them both my sponsoring this family so the kids can be kids – go to school and have their medical other needs taken care of. Please consider sponsoring her through our House 2 House program.

You can make all the difference in the world for this teen girl and her brother from Ethiopia. With your House 2 House sponsorship, they will receive adequate food, shelter, access to education and medical care. Most of the children in this program are affected by HIV/AIDS, and many have lost their parents to the disease.

Make a difference for these deserving children.
#1 Click the link below
Donate Now Through!
#2 Add the amount of $75
#3 Select “Repeating Donation”
#4 Select “Community Family Sponsorship” in the Fund area, and type FM008 in the Message area.
#5 Complete your monthly donation. You will receive your tax receipts directly from CanadaHelps.
Please click the button that shares your name, address and email with the charity, as we really want to know who you are and be able to send you updates on the child and newsletters!
Thanks so much!

Thank you so much!

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