Nakemte to Addis Ababa

My mom and I have taken a 2 day break from Vulnerable Children business to travel out to Nakemte, which is where my daughters were born. It is usually on re hours from Ambo, but because the road is under serious construction, it took us almost 6 hours to travel about 200km.

We Had a fascinating drive out there, though the land is filed with farms and people, and there are long stretches of farmland between villages.

Nakemte is a busy urban centre. I don’t know how big it is, but I would guess 50000-100,000 people. We stayed in a lovely “resort” in gorgeous thatched roof tubules. The price tag? 510birr a night, which is about 30 dollars. Unfortunatly the first night the shower tap dripped and dripped and when I tried to fix it in my sleepy stupor, I was zapped by an electrical current coming from the tap. The next day we moved to the tukul next door.

We learned a lot about agricultural practices from Sintayehu, as his first degree was in agriculture. We also had lots of time over macchiatos to have very deep conversations about Faya Orphanage, where it is going, how to deal with the House 2 House program expansion, etc. I’ll tell you, after these days together, and understanding more about the lengths they go to to take care of the children, I am more and more impressed by the work that they do.

Today we drove back for 8 hours from Nakemte to Addis, and as I am typing this we are coming up to the hotel. We had a flat tire along the way, but it actually gave us a chance to wander around a village, play with kids, and take pictures, which was really nice considering we haven’t done any touristy things at all.

Tomorrow we are shopping for fundraiser stuff for Vulnerable Childre, which should be fun. enjoy a sampling of picture from our trip!
















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