Fundraiser Shopping- get your wallets ready!

Today we went shopping at the Shiromet at the base of Entoto Mountain in Addis. We had lots of fun… But my mom still complained that I was a woman on a mission. I was! I also was buying lots of beautiful scarves, bracelets, hoodies, etc. for our Vulnerable Children fundraiser when we get home. Tawnya was also out shopping today, and she scored some roasted coffee beans to sell (to go along with the green beans I purchased in Nakemte. See a preview of our fundraiser sale in the pictures below.

While we shopped until we dropped, (Thank you! Thank you!) Sintayehu negotiated for us and drove us around. Tomorrow we have meetings and then we are off to Dukum to see my friend M’s family, and then on to Adama/Nazret. I can’t wait to see Meseret and the new Faya Orphanage digs!

From Rita…

Today was the day of rest that we needed. All three of us are back at the Weygoss Guest House; we even have the same rooms as before.

Arnica and I met with Sintayehu just before 10:00 and went shopping at one of the markets. We were so fortunate to have him as he indicated to us whenever the prices were too high. Arnica is very good at bargaining; the once or twice I stepped in I didn’t do too badly either. It was interesting that when we mentioned that we were buying a number of the same item to re-sell and raise money to help children, the seller was willing to drop her price quite a bit more.

As well as buying items to sell, Arnica picked up clothing for her children, gifts, and a couple of items for herself and her home. I’m waiting until we return to Addis Ababa on Wednesday or Thursday to pick up something small for myself.

Meanwhile, Tawnya explored and also shopped for resale items. She kindly picked up something for my husband as well. She too found the day restful.

This evening, the three of us went to a traditional Ethiopian restaurant. We had a wonderful meal. Not only the food was excellent, but we also got to watch a traditional wedding reception. It was fascinating to watch the groom carve slices of meat for the guests while the bride carefully served the older family members. They didn’t get to relax until most of the people were served.

It was a fitting ending to a day marked by decorated wedding car parades through the streets. One wedding parade was traveling four or five cars abreast down the street; the wedding party members were sitting in the windows, holding hands across the roof of the cars and waving madly. And of course, the bride was beautiful!

Tomorrow, back to work. I’ll be organizing photos and updating children files. Arnica and Tawnya will be in meetings. We plan to leave about 1:00 for Adama, with a few planned stops along the way. We still need to visit Mojo and Wonji to see the sponsored children and their families.

Although I am thoroughly enjoying myself and learning an incredible amount about Ethiopia, my thoughts often focus on my own family: my husband, children, grandchildren, mother and siblings. We are so blessed.



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