Our last day in Addis! Meetings, sponsored children, and tibs at the bar…

Our last day in Ethiopia was packed full to the brim. We had a few meetings and then were off to visit Canadian Humanitarians’ BEKA project in Addis. Remember, Vulnerable Children Society is working in partnership with Canadian Humanitarian on a similar (but more comprehensive) project in Gindo.

We really enjoyed our visit… Besides swapping stories and advice with the country representative, we also got to tour their project and meet a young lady that I have been sponsoring personally for several years. What I found especially interesting was their approach to older students that are in grade 10 and ready to graduate out of their program. They bridge this time with a semi-independent scholarship program… Something we might consider in the future with our older House 2 House kids.

We also traveled around the city and took in the sights, such an an Orthodox festival and holy day, and even fit in a visit to a tef and other grains mill. Very very interesting.

Our last event was to visit the restaurant owned by one of my students’ mom… Elsa’s! It’s a bar that served the BEST beef tibs. And she treated us like royalty our last night in Ethiopia.

We are on our way home, but we’ll have many more stories to tell…. Stay tuned!













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