A $10,000 donation goes a long way in Ethiopia!

Putting the tiles onto the floor inside the centre. This project employed all local workers!

A huge thank you and shout out to all our donors and supporters who have enabled Vulnerable Children Society to donate $10,000 to Canadian Humanitarian’s educational centre project in Gindo, Ethiopia.

Painting – soon the rooms will be ready for the children, and our furnishings!

Our VCS director Tawnya visited the site two months ago, and was so impressed by the project organizers, the volunteers, and the thoughtfulness of the program. Read her report here.

The community garden is already adding to the community! 1/3 goes to program families, 1/3 for sales, and 1/3 is for the centre for the children to eat!

Recently we sent off the $10,000 check to do our part – furnishing and fitting the centre so the children and community can learn, grow, and play and become more self-sustaining. In case you were ever wondering what $10,000 buys in Ethiopia – here is the list! Right down to the broom…

Purchase of furniture and equipment for the                         BEKA Center – Gindo   Ethiopia
Class room 1
Tables 4,800.00
Chairs 6,600.00
Table for the teacher 1,200.00
White board 1,700.00
Class room 2
Tables 4,800.00
Chairs 6,600.00
Table for the teacher 1,200.00
White board 1,700.00
Library room
Usertables 4,800.00
User chairs 6,600.00
Book shelves 11,400.00
White board 1,700.00
Teacher’s chairs 450.00
Teachers’s drawer case 1,500.00
Printer – Leserjet black 3,500.00
Photocopier – Used 8,000.00
Purchase of books for library 25,000.00
Multi purpose hall
Chairs 11,000.00
Tables 7,800.00
Benches 7,500.00
Managers office
Filing cabinate 3,500.00
Secretary office
Table 2,050.00
Chairs 1,450.00
Form formats and other documents display 1,200.00
Shelves for food items 2,850.00
Horizontal storage box 500.00
Metal box/cupboard 3,200.00
Plastic container/drum 2,000.00
Shelves  – big, metal 950.00
Washing sink – plastic 350.00
Meal serving table 3,700.00
Kitchen cabinet 6,000.00
Materials shelve – plastic 1,050.00
Food processor – set 2,350.00
Reserving storage/container – set 1,800.00
Water bucket 500.00
Big tray -plastic for serving 450.00
Water jug 450.00
Janitor room
Shelve 950.00
Broom 200.00
Mops 100.00
Water baskets 500.00
Washing baskets 700.00
Staffs room
Benches 1,500.00
Tables 1,850.00
Locker 4,500.00
Transportation 7,500.00
Total 170,000.00
17 ETB   = $1 CND
170,000   = $10,000 CND

We are so happy to have partnered with Canadian Humanitarian on this project, and look forward to many collaborations in the future!!

This program will have a lasting, sustainable impact on the entire Gindo community.

Tell us what you think!

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