Thanks to the Ogopogo Rotary Club

Paul Cleland, treasurer of the Kelowna Ogopogo Rotary Club, with Tawnya Pattie, treasurer of VCS and Arnica Rowan, President of VCS.

A huge shout out to our friends at the Kelowna Ogopogo Rotary Club, who donated $2000 towards our campaign to furnish Canadian Humanitarian’s educational centre in Gindo, Ethiopia!

Last Wednesday, Arnica and Tawnya went to the club to speak and show pictures of Vulnerable Children Society and Canadian Humanitarian’s partnership in action. The Gindo project is very comprehensive, but our role was to furnish $10,000 worth of desks, books, seeds for the centre, etc, to help the orphaned and extremely vulnerable children grow and succeed. Our friends at the Rotary club have similar goals around long-term sustainable youth-focused projects, and their $2000 contribution went a long way helping meet our goal.

If you haven’t seen pictures of the Gindo project lately, our benches are now in action! And the children are using the inside of the centre, in addition to the guardians using the gardens outside

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