Girls rock! Celebrate the International Day of the Girl!

Today at Vulnerable Children Society, let’s celebrate girls! Today is the very first International Day of the Girl!

“To help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.”

Girls are the future and the backbone of Canada, Ethiopia, and all corners of the world. They are often the most vulnerable to discrimination and have the least access to opportunities; yet, girls have the potential to shape their communities, start enterprises, uphold families and inspire their own children. (Download a toolkit to read more about girls’ issues.)

On a personal note, I’d like to share a story from Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend that speaks to girls rights around the world.

We were sharing around the table about what we were thankful for, and my daughters shared that they were thankful for their families, the food they had to eat, the farmers and gardeners that grew the food, that kids in Ethiopia were going to school (through Vulnerable Children) and that they were able to help build a library for those kids.

As a mom, I was pleased by their personal and social reflections and gratitude. Afterwards, we talked about how not all girls in all countries were as lucky as my Canadian girls are. We talked about how in Ethiopia the policy is equality for girls, but often girls are not given the same access to education or food when times are tough. Grandpa, who impressed upon the girls that they can do anything they want to, also shared that there are countries in the world where girls are routinely discriminated against and are not supported to equal opportunity.  this was a shock to my Canadian 6 years olds, and one of my daughters said the idea of discrimination made her “feel small, even in Canada.”

Let’s not pretend that there discrimination against girls does not still exist across the globe. It does. But when we empower our girls with information and tools to succeed and be leaders, we can fight together for future global equality. Girls and grandfathers, moms and dads, brothers and grandmothers… we all have a responsiblity and opportunity to unleash the power of girls!

To sponsor a girl to grow and go to school, please consider sponsoring a girl child through our House to House child sponsorship program!

  1. Click on the “donate now” button and set up a repeating donation for $35 a month. Choose the “House 2 House Community Sponsorship” as the fund.
  2. Send us an email at to indicate which child you would like to sponsor, if you have a preference. There is a photo list on the homepage. That’s it!

Note that as a sponsor, you are automatically a member of our society, and are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting online, which usually happens in December.

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