Tax time! Receipts How-to

Dearest Sponsors – it’s tax time! And I’ve received a couple of emails asking about tax receipts.

IF you converted your monthly sponsorship over to CanadaHelps this past year, OR, donated directly through the Vulnerable Children website in 2012, your tax receipt is waiting for you. You simply log onto, and download your receipt. I’ve included some instructions below. This is by far the majority of monthly donors.

IF you have been directly donating via PayPal, we aren’t issuing tax receipts automatically for these donations. So, we ask that you do 2 things, please!

  1. Please switch your monthly donation over to (follow this link or the “Donate Now” logo on our homepage). Simply set up a new donation for the correct amount, and send us an email telling us that you’ve done so, so we can cancel your PayPal donations for you. Next year, you’ll be able to simply download your receipts! Thank you for doing this, as it saves us money and lots of volunteer hours.
  2. If you do require a tax receipt for your PayPal donations, please send us an email ( and our treasurer will make you up a tax receipt. However, these are done manually and it’s our first time issuing tax  receipts, so it’s best if you don’t wait on the paper receipt and put the total amount into your refund right away!

I hope that has been helpful! Thank you all for your amazing support over the past year!

Steps to download your receipts on

Go to Log-in with your email and password.
Go to
Log-in with your email and password.
tax receipts 2
Click on the “Donations & Receipts” tab.
tax receipts 3
You will see all the donations you’ve made to VCS through CanadaHelps, and to any other charities you have accessed through CanadaHelps. Just push the Get Receipt button to download your pdf tax receipt. Not that the tax receipt is actually from CanadaHelps – but don’t worry – the money got to us!

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