School supplies and teeny toys needed!


Board members Arnica and Nicole, along with update coordinator Rita and volunteer Maryam, will be travelling to Ethiopia in April. We will be visiting with our House 2 House families, and working on the transition of our new partnership.

Currently, Vulnerable Children Society is paying for school uniforms and registration fees for our House 2 House kids in the four communities we serve, including the kids we’ll be serving through the new Guder Educational Center. However the children need additional school supplies, so we’ll be filling every last nook and cranny of our suitcases with pens and notebooks from Canada.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be collecting donations from VCS friends and supporters, to take with us to Ethiopia. Can you help us out?

We are collecting:

School supplies: Lined notebooks, pencils and pencil sharpeners, pens, pencil crayons, crayons, glue and scissors

Of course, all school work and no play is just no fun at all, so we’re saving room in our suitcases for small toys for the kids too!

Small Toys: Stuffed animals, dinky cars, hair barrettes, small balls, deflated soccer balls and pumps. No guns or violent toys, or toys that require batteries, please.

If you can help, please send your donations to Arnica or Nicole by April 15th:

People in the west:

Arnica Rowan
President, Vulnerable Children Society
757 Wardlaw Avenue
Kelowna, BC

People in the east:

Nicole Bellefleur
Fundraising Coordinator, Vulnerable Children Society
6 Gay Avenue
Charlottetown, PEI
Phone: 902 393 2633

Your donations will bring joy to deserving kids. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “School supplies and teeny toys needed!

  1. Can you tell me when the gifts for a foster child have to arrive by? Where should they be mailed to? What would be a good idea to send?


    Beth Marshall

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Hi Beth! They need to arrive by April 15th… I don’t have the database of kids here (I’m out of town) to give you specific advice, but generally speaking, for younger kids a little toy (stuffie or car) is great. For older kids, barrettes and hair stuff, or a car or small toy is great too. The older kids also need school and art supplies. All kids: soaps, toothbrush and toothpastes, a picture of your family, a little note from you. You can also think about a little something for the guardian if you know who they live with.

      Of course, nothing should be violent (no toy guns or fighting things) and anything that requires batteries is not appropriate.

      I hope that helps! No I’ll check on your specific kid when I am home again 🙂

      Thanks! Arnica

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