Good All Around

From director Nicole Bellefleur, on her way to Ethiopia:

We always hear about all the bad in the world, but every time I’ve walked by my spare room over the last couple of weeks and caught a glimpse of all of the school supplies and toys people have given me to give to kids in Ethiopia, I’ve been reminded that there is a whole lot more good out there.

Quite simply, I’ve been overwhelmed by your generosity.

Parents asked their children to go through their own toys and pick out things they wanted to share with less fortunate kids half a world away. Teachers took up collections at school, and brought decorated boxes and overstuffed bags of treats to me. Entire office divisions enthusiastically filled book bags with school supplies.

Some friends left things in my mailbox and at my backdoor when I wasn’t home, while others sent packages in the mail. Complete strangers drove across the Island to deliver supplies. People donated money online, and sent cheques (these funds will be spent in Ethiopia, on larger items and/or supplies).

I packed all of these things into my two biggest suitcases, and set off for Charlottetown Airport on Friday afternoon. My suitcases were heavy… so heavy I could hardly lift them onto the scale at the check-in counter. Needless to say, I was worried about exceeding Air Canada’s baggage allowance – and I soon found out that I had, by a long shot. But when I explained to the check-in attendant that I was taking donations to Ethiopia, she cheerfully dismissed my concerns and tagged my overweight bags without hesitation. I smiled with relief and gratitude, because it felt like the universe had just tied a big shiny bow around all this generosity and sent it on its way.

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