“Abdii Jaalala” Love and Hope Centre – our banner hits the road!


Rita and I (Arnica) are on the road… We are the last of our team of five ladies off to Ethiopia. One our way out today, we picked up the sign for our new educational centre in Guder!

Ta da! The new centre will be called the Abdii Jaalala Centre… Our Love and Hope Centre.

How did we come up with this name? Well, first we asked you, our awesome sponsors for ideas on Facebook. Then we took the two top choices… Mehaber and Dhaala and passed them by native Amharic and Oromiffa speaker, G. Unfortunately, Dhaala’s meaning of “legacy” really means more like and inheritance. And Mehaber, even though in other contexts it means a gathering of people, in this context it means society or association. Association of what? Hmmmmmm… Translating into another language is difficult!

So we sent off all of your awesome suggestions and we brainstormed with G, and tried to come up with a name that makes sense in Oromiffa, described what we were doing, and sounded nice phonetically in English.

The word love… Jaalala… Sounded lovely to us. So we called the centre “love” on behalf of the wonderful guardians who take care of the kids. And we called the centre Abdii “hope,” for the change in the children’s lives and their bright futures.

I can’t wait to deliver the banner to Guder. And when the centre is up and running, they can wrap it around a piece of plywood and make it into a permanent sign. Then, when you sponsors visit, you can get a picture in from of the sign.

When we return, we will have a draw for all of you who submitted names, and then well send the lucky winner a small gift from Ethiopia. Thanks for all your suggestions! Without the the process of this brainstorming and refining, we never would have had an Oromiffa name, and landed on the perfect match: Abdii Jaalala! Love and Hope Centre.


Tell us what you think!

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