A thousand meetings: Slow and steady progress for our programs

Our last few days have been full of meeting and meetings. Tawnya, Nicole (when she was here) and I (Arnica) have met many times with Bisrat from Canadian Humanitarian, and our consultant, Birhan, to develop plans for our programs and new partnership. We have also met with Meseret and Sintayehu from Faya Orphanage three times, including one joint meeting with Faya Orphanage and Canadian Humanitarian.

It’s obvious that we all have the children’s best interests at heart, and we are making plans in cooperation to move our programs forward. Transitions like this are difficult, because they involve many levels of government, as well as agreements and organizations. But we are committed to coming up with a plan that takes care of the children, no matter what.

I know as sponsors, you have been hanging in there with us through this transition time. Thank you so much to all of you. It takes a while to navigate all the government processes and agreements. I can assure you that Tawnya, Bisrat, Birhan and I have been working very hard to get everything in order. Right now, we are working with Faya Orphanage to determine whose responsibilities will be whose and and what the final program is going to look like. We expect to have a firm plan, involving all the players, by the end of May.



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