FAQ: Has VCS been taken over by Canadian Humanitarian?

Lately we’ve had a few questions about our relationship with Canadian Humanitarian. We are so pleased to be working with them, and would like to clear up the nature of our relationship.


Firstly, no… We have not merged, nor are we being taken over. As we stated in our joint press release, Vulnerable Children Society is working with Canadian Humanitarian as partners. Our hope, and theirs, is that they will be taking over operating our House to House program which supports children and families living with HIV and in extreme poverty. Previously, Faya Orphanage ran our program but we had to discontinue our relationship, due to a lack of reporting on their part. Our intention is that Canadian Humanitarian, a licensed Ethiopian NGO as well as a Canadian charity, will take over the operational work of Faya Orphanage for this particular program. We are confident in their abilities to do a fabulous job, and to meet our reporting requirements!

We have worked together intensively for the last few months, both in Canada and Ethiopia, to get our House 2 House program stable again. Three directors, including myself, spent three weeks with Canadian Humanitarian’s coordinator in Ethiopia, working on the progress of our program. Their Canadian executive director and I have also been working closely for several months on this project. We have worked together before as well, funding a portion of Canadian Humanitarian’s educational support centre in Gindo.

Hopefully that clears up our relationship for the House 2 House program:
Vulnerable Children Society: Canadian funding and donor relations.
Canadian Humanitarian: Ethiopian operations.

Any questions, please just email info@vulnerablechildren.ca and we’ll add your question to this FAQ series!

Next FAQ post: “Hey, what’s happening with the House 2 House program anyway?

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