Love and Hope Centre’s sign on its way to Ethiopia


The last weekend in September, three directors from Vulnerable Children Society met with the chair and acting executive director of Canadian Humanitarian.

Arnica, Tawnya and Menbere met with chair Dick and ED Rachel to discuss the new Love and Hope Centre in Kality. We are all very excited to be embarking on this partnership together. After the meeting, we signed our official contract and shot the official grip and grin picture!

The banner between us will be transported to Ethiopia this month, and will become the new welcoming sign for our Kality Love and Hope centre.  Note this sign is a little different than the last one we transported over… On this banner, Love and Hope is written in Amharic, the primary language spoken in Kality / Addis Ababa. Any guesses how to phonetically say Love and Hope in Amharic? And for the bonus question…. Whose feet and hands do you think are holding up the banner? guesses??

Tell us what you think!

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