2019 Board of Directors

At our most recent annual general meeting, the Vulnerable Children Society (VCS) elected its 2019 board of directors:

  • President: Nicole Bellefleur
  • Past-president: Arnica Rowan
  • Vice-president: Flora Meier
  • Treasurer: Tawnya Pattie
  • Secretary: Laura Morrison
  • Director: Menbere Shiferaw
  • Director: Dacia Douhaibi

Late last year, Arnica stepped down from her role as president of the VCS. Arnica has been the heart and soul of the VCS since she co-founded the organization in 2010. As the president of the board of directors from its inception until 2018, she devoted countless volunteer hours toward establishing the VCS, ensuring the highest standard of organizational and board governance, developing key partnerships for program delivery in-country, recruiting sponsors and fundraising, building an amazing community through ongoing communication – and most importantly, loving the kids and young adults we serve. We are pleased that Arnica will remain on the board of directors, as past president.

Nicole has been fundraising for the VCS for almost ten years, and she has been on the organization’s board of directors since 2011. She has travelled to Ethiopia three times; during these visits, she met with our in-country partners, visited the projects funded by the VCS, and had the pleasure of meeting the people served by these initiatives. She is excited to assume the role of president of the board of directors.

To learn more about the dedicated directors on our board, click here.

This is very much a working board of directors, in that we are not only responsible for governance, but we also perform all of the fundraising, communications, and administrative tasks associated with running the organization. As such, over the past few months, we’ve been meeting to discuss organizational priorities, and strategy. We’re working on some important initiatives, and we look forward to sharing them with you in the near future.

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