Jewelry fundraiser brings joy to all!

Thank you so much to our wonderful volunteer fundraisers Tammy and Nicole.

Our dynamo fundraising team! Nicole and Tammy

First of all, Tammy hosted a Silpada jewelry sale last month, and donated $340 of her commission to Vulnerable Children Society. With additional piggy bank donations from the jewelry party participants ($75), Nicole and Tammy raised $415 from this initiative.

Ladies trying on jewelry.
The little piggy bank that could.

Secondly, a big shout out to Nicole, who has held an ongoing bottledrive to support the work of Vulnerable Children. she has raised several hundred dollars to date, and is still going strong.

We couldn’t do this work without you! thank you so much, ladies!!!

November pictures of Faya Kids

Thanks so much to Laura for these fantastic pictures from her visit in November! Enjoy the lovely pictures of the Faya Orphanage children. She wrote about her trip:

“Faya was great to visit.  We arrived by surprise, but they still welcomed us right in and made coffee and gave us a tour – it is such a great place and they take much pride in the facility and the children – just wonderful.  Here are pictures from Faya…enjoy.  The one of the two boys in the van was so cute. They are twins and they got in our van and it took us all ages to get them out – they were so mad when we had to leave, they were having so much fun…”

In the courtyard.
Welcoming children!
Meseret and one sweet little orphanage resident.
A caretaker and a cute baby boy.
Little imps! Trying to drive away with the van!

If you would like to sponsor a child, please click here to learn more.

Ethiopian Kids Who Need Sponsors

Here are four children in the Adama, Ethiopia community, who need a sponsor.
(Is it you?)

Sponsorship enables them to have adequate food, shelter, access to education and medical care, especially since many of these kids’ families are affected by HIV/AIDS.

If you would like to sponsor one of these community children, please simply click on the “Sponsor a Community Child” graphic on the left. In the “Add Special Instructions” area, state the child’s ID number, and we will match you with this child. Thank you so much!


CM029 (sponsored Dec 22, 2010!)



Pictures of Faya Orphanage Kids from a Visiting Family

We are so delighted to receive pictures from families who visit Faya Orphanage. This great family sent us a bunch of pictures to share – thank you so much!! For visiting, for taking pictures, and for giving donations.

Here is Sintayehu hamming it up for the camera in the orphanage courtyard. Er – maybe he is avoiding the picture!

Of course, they is always the requisite coffee ceremony!

Some of you will recognize the oldest girl living at the orphanage. She is a sweetheart, and growing up to be quite a lovely young lady! She is giving Meseret, the director (who is also usually camer shy,) a big hug.

And, plenty of donations delivered – doantions from visitors are always welcome appreciated! What isn’t used at the orphanage is routinely distributed in the community to deserving children anf families.

Thanks so much for the pictures!!

Poll: what values are most important to you?

It’s important as we move forward and grow as a society that Vulnerable Children Society reflects the values of the board of directors, partners, sponsors, donors and the communities that we serve.

Please have your say! And share with us the top five values you think Vulnerable Children Society should be living, breathing and exemplifying. Just click on the VOTE! graphic above.

The results of this poll will be used as data for discussion at our Annual General Meeting, when the society members will identify our organization’s five values. These five values will be our touchstones as we make decisions today, and plan for the future.

Interesting in attending our AGM? If you are a sponsor or member, you will receive an invitation within a few days via email (along with instructions how to attend online.) If you are not a sponsor or a member, now is the time to become one! Just follow the links on the left to become a sponsor or learn more about membership here. Note: sponsors automatically become members for the duration of their sponsorship.