Pictures of Faya Orphanage Kids from a Visiting Family

We are so delighted to receive pictures from families who visit Faya Orphanage. This great family sent us a bunch of pictures to share – thank you so much!! For visiting, for taking pictures, and for giving donations.

Here is Sintayehu hamming it up for the camera in the orphanage courtyard. Er – maybe he is avoiding the picture!

Of course, they is always the requisite coffee ceremony!

Some of you will recognize the oldest girl living at the orphanage. She is a sweetheart, and growing up to be quite a lovely young lady! She is giving Meseret, the director (who is also usually camer shy,) a big hug.

And, plenty of donations delivered – doantions from visitors are always welcome appreciated! What isn’t used at the orphanage is routinely distributed in the community to deserving children anf families.

Thanks so much for the pictures!!

Sponsors Needed for the Community Kids

UPDATE: As of Nov 23, 2010, all three girls are sponsored! Yeah! There are many many more that need help, though, so please consider helping another child.

Our partner organization in Ethiopia, Faya Orphanage, has a list 300 kids long who have been vetted for their House 2 House program. Here are some of the top kids on the list, with photos…  each one is very deserving of support and help.

They all look a little frightened – poor little girls! This is probably because they are having their picture taken for the first time… maybe because they are visiting the orphanage and don’t know what it means. 

Make no mistake – these kids don’t have easy lives. They have a lot of everyday uncertainty and  they aren’t really sure what this sponsorship thing really means. Until, of course – they get a sponsor. Then you should see some of the smiley pictures we receive!

If you would like to sponsor one of these  community children, please simply click on the “Sponsor a Community Child” graphic on the left. In the “Special Instructions” area, state the child’s ID number, and we will match you with this child. Thank you so much!


Grand tour of the NEW Faya Orphanage

Thanks so much to our visiting supporter Shannon for these fantastic pictures of the new orphanage. You can see it is much more spacious and bright than the old digs… with new paint and new appliances, even.

It’s nice to see the bunkbeds and other donated furniture serving good purpose for the kids. The best part about the new house is the courtyard – an open, safe and clean place for the kids to play.

Shining Faces of Faya Children

The next couple of posts are going to be real treats. One of our traveling supporters Shannon took these lovely pictures in September of some of the delightful children currently living at Faya Orphanage.

We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves – you can see how these children are cherished and loved.


If you would like to sponsor a Faya Child, please click here to learn more. Each one of these children is deserving of the food, education, shelter, medicine, care and love that your gracious sponsorships provide.

In our next few posts, see pictures of the orphanage staff as well as a grand tour through all the new rooms…