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VCS November 2011 Newsletter

2nd Round of Food Aid Feeds Hundreds

Yesterday we received word that Vulnerable Children Society’s second round of food aid was distributed by our wonderful partner, Faya Orphanage. The impact was even greater than we anticipated.

According to the House 2 House program director Sintayehu Habtemariam, 66 families received bags of tef. These families included a minimum of 275 children.

Additionally, 45 students received school materials to start the year off right, and 30 of those students also received some food.

The pictures that follow show people recieving food aid in one area and children with their school materials another area. The lineups went into the evening, but the distribution was calm and organized.

Sintayehu commented on how surprised and grateful the families were: “Everybody was happy.  Public media also received the documents. We thank you for everything you did for these children.”

Than you so much to our wonderful donors who made this drought relief work possible. We are truly grateful.

Food Aid in Ethiopia – a New Year’s Gift

Family receiving food aid in Ambo, Ethiopia, from Vulnerable Children Society.

For many families in Wonji, Guder, Ambo and Adama, Enkutatash, the Ethiopian new year, won’t celebrated by fireworks or champagne. The food crisis has most vulnerable families closer to starvation than celebration. Yet, there is hope, and 100 families will ring in the new year with food aid from Vulnerable Children Society.

Family receiving food aid in Ambo, Ethiopia, from Vulnerable Children Society.

Food aid was distributed to 50 families in August 2011, and 50 additional families will recieve assistance in the coming two weeks. The receiving families are part of, or vetted for Vulnerable Children Society’s House 2 House community support program. Thanks to generous Canadian donors and the hard work of Vulnerable Children Socety’s Ethiopian partner, Faya Orphanage, each of these families is receiving a big bag of tef flour, the main ingrediant in injera, Ethiopia’s traditional food.

Family receiving food aid in Ambo, Ethiopia, from Vulnerable Children Society.

All of the families in the House 2 House program are referred by government agencies and are extremely vulnerable to poverty. Most of the children sponsored are HIV+, or have physical challenges. The child sponsorship subsidiezes families so that they can care for the children, send them to school, and can access with medical care.

Family receiving food aid in Ambo, Ethiopia, from Vulnerable Children Society.

If you would like to sponsor a child (and their family), please click here to learn more.

Family receiving food aid in Ambo, Ethiopia, from Vulnerable Children Society.

We DID it! We raised enough money to feed 50 more families!!

Thanks to your generous support, we have raised more than $1900 to feed 50 additional families in Ethiopia!

The funds raised will allow our partner organization, Faya Orphanage, to distribute a bag of tef flour, the main food staple in ethiopia, to 50 families waiting for participation in the Vulnerable Children Society House 2 House program.

These families are in dire need of food aid because of the droughts and skyrocketing food prices in the Horn of Africa. Thanks to our community’s generosity, we are able to get them through this time of crisis.

Stay tuned in the coming two weeks for pictures of families receiving food aid, as well as stories of engaged Canadian’s funsraising campaigns.

Any additional funds donated to our drought relief efforts will be added to our project account, and used for either additional fod aid, or other child/family-focused projects in Ethiopia.

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We are almost there! Help us feed 50 Ethiopian families

At the beginning of August, Vulnerable Children Society set a goal of raising $1900 to feed 50 additional families in Ethiopia, affected by the devastating Horn of Africa drought and soaring food prices.

Nearing the end of the month, we are almost there! So far, thanks to our generous supporters, we have raised $1410 dollars. Will you help us reach our goal?

The families waiting for food aid were vetted by the Wolata Women’s Office, a division of the Ethiopian government, for Vulnerable Children Society’s House 2 House program. They are very high risk families: all are extremely poor, the majority are affected by HIV/AIDS, and many are extended families that have taken in orphaned children.

Your support means these families have a chance. After recieving a bag of tef flour via our Ethiopian partner Faya Orphanage, guardians have a chance to feed their children. Food is essential not only for nutrition, but for holding off disease. Many of the children are HIV+ and on ARVs (anti-retrovirals), but the drugs only can hold back the tide of AIDS if the child is adequately nourished.

Thank you so much to all the amazingly gracious supporters who have donated so far – your generosity astounds us.

To donate via credit card or Paypal, please click here.

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The Drought in the Horn of Africa is Just Getting Worse

The following are quotes from various news articles describing the severity of the drought in Ethiopia and its neighbouring countries. Note the articles talk as much about soaring food prices as the drought itself as reasons for the famine and hardship.

This is the worst drought in eastern Africa in decades. More than 12 million people in the region are in need of emergency assistance. Some two million children are acutely malnourished; 500,000 children are on the verge of starvation. Time is of the essence. Read more…

Anthony Lake, executive director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)… highlighted the deteriorating situation in the region, saying it is a
“human disaster becoming a human catastrophe.”

“The situation is terrible now, tens of thousands have already died, more than 300,000 children across the region are severely malnourished and at imminent risk of dying,” he said.  Read more…

The famine in the Horn of Africa is manmade — the result of artificially high prices for food and civil conflict, the World Bank’s lead economist for Kenya Wolfgang Fengler has told Reuters…  The Horn of Africa is facing its worst drought in 60 years destroying crops, killing livestock and causing hunger and famine across parts of Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya and Uganda.  Read more…

You can help by donating to any of the amazing humanitarian agencies doing work in the Horn of Africa, including through Vulnerable Children for our campaign to feed Ethiopian families.