Sponsors Needed for the Community Kids

UPDATE: As of Nov 23, 2010, all three girls are sponsored! Yeah! There are many many more that need help, though, so please consider helping another child.

Our partner organization in Ethiopia, Faya Orphanage, has a list 300 kids long who have been vetted for their House 2 House program. Here are some of the top kids on the list, with photos…  each one is very deserving of support and help.

They all look a little frightened – poor little girls! This is probably because they are having their picture taken for the first time… maybe because they are visiting the orphanage and don’t know what it means. 

Make no mistake – these kids don’t have easy lives. They have a lot of everyday uncertainty and  they aren’t really sure what this sponsorship thing really means. Until, of course – they get a sponsor. Then you should see some of the smiley pictures we receive!

If you would like to sponsor one of these  community children, please simply click on the “Sponsor a Community Child” graphic on the left. In the “Special Instructions” area, state the child’s ID number, and we will match you with this child. Thank you so much!