CapitalOne will add $10 to your donation to Vulnerable Children!

Thanks so much to a donor who sent us this news. Until the end of the month, CapitalOne will donate $10 ON TOP OF YOUR DONATION! to a registered charity through CanadaHelps!

We have a lot of amazing projects on the go, and would really appreciate you making a small donation and help us take advantage of this fab offer from CapitalOne. All you have to do is take a small quiz and they will contribute $10 to Vulnerable Children Society!

  • Take the Charity Fraud Awareness Quiz!!!
  • Make a donation  to VULNERABLE CHILDREN SOCIETY at the end of the quiz, via the link to
  • Capital One Canada will add $10 to your donation!

Why is CapitalOne doing this? From the CanadaHelps website:

To educate the public about charity fraud, Capital One Canada and CanadaHelps are teaming up during Fraud Prevention Month for the third annual Charity Fraud Awareness Quiz. This quiz will help participants identify the signs of charity fraud to hopefully avoid these malicious schemes. During the month of March, Capital One will also be topping up individual donations made through by $10, up to a total of $25,000 for Canadian charities.

The online Charity Fraud Awareness Quiz is designed to inform Canadians about the risk of charity fraud and how to prevent it. Accessible at, every participant who completes the quiz will be eligible to have their personal donation made via Canadahelps topped up by $10, thanks to Capital One Canada.

Capital One and CanadaHelps offer the following charity fraud prevention tips:

  • Make sure the charity is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and provides you with their charitable registration number. only lists charities registered with the CRA
  • Ask to see a charity’s financial statements. These should be readily available to anyone who asks and give you a sense of how the charity spends their money
  • Understand the impact the charity has and what difference they make in the community. Charities should be able to give you clear outcomes of the programs or services they provide
  • Research the causes you want to support and how much of your budget you want to donate to charity. You will feel less pressured to give when solicited if you have already planned your giving
  • Avoid any charity that pressures you into making a donation or isn’t open to sharing more information about their organization

Vulnerable Children Society becomes a registered charity!!!

Vulnerable Children Society is proud to announce that we are now a registered Canadian charity! This means that we are now able to offer tax receipts to our wonderful sponsors and donors.

For clarity on the difference between a non-profit society and a registered charity, click here.

Tax receipts will be offered for donations or sponsorships over $30 starting on March 1, 2012. As a small volunteer-run charity, we have decided to use to facilitate our sponsorships and donations. This means a small increase in our internal administration costs, which we consider a very reasonable expense for the receipting service provided.

NOTE: Sponsorships and monthly donations must be made through CanadaHelps in order to receive tax receipts. We simply don’t have the people-power to keep track of all our monthly donations any other way. One-time donations over $30 received via “check in the mail” will receive a tax receipt on an annual basis.

Existing Sponsors

Donate Now Through!For existing sponsors, we are asking you to visit our CanadaHelps page (just click the link to the left!) to set up your current sponsorships on the new system.

Once we have received notice of your sponsorship set-up through,  we will cancel your previous PayPal agreement.

Note: ONLY monthly sponsorships through will receive tax receipts!!! The tax receipts come directly from CanadaHelps.

Instructions to set up your existing sponsorships on CanadaHelps:
#1 Click the box below
Donate Now Through!
#2 Select “Repeating Donation”
#3 Add the amount of $35 for Community Child and Faya Child sponsorships, or $75 for Community Family sponsorships. You can only do ONE monthly payment to VCS through Canada Helps, so if you sponsor more than one child, please add the total of the sponsorship amounts together into one monthly amount.
#4 Add a start date of March 1, 2012 and an end date of “never.” Press continue.
#5 Complete your monthly donation. You will receive your tax receipts directly from CanadaHelps.

Note: Please click the button that shares your name, address and email with the charity, as we really want to know who you are and be able to send you updates on the child and newsletters!
Thanks so much!

We are SO grateful for your support to date, and so pleased that we can now offer you the benefit of tax receipts. Thanks a million times over!!! for your graciousness over the past year and a half.

New Sponsors / Donors

For new sponsors who have been waiting for Vulnerable Children Society to gain charitable status and be able to receive tax receipts, the wait is over! Please visit the following pages to learn about our amazing sponsorship and donation opportunities:

  • Sponsor an Ethiopian child to survive and thrive in their own community, through the House 2 House program!
  • Donate to Vulnerable Children Society, and enable amazing projects such as Faya Orphanage for HIV+/HIV- children, caregiver training, educational supplies for vulnerable rural Ethiopian children, food aid for drought relief, and much more!

A Special Thank You to Families Who Have Visited Faya Orphanage

Vulnerable Children Society would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all Canadian families who have donated to and/or visited Faya Orphanage. Your generosity means that, to date, the children living at Faya Orphanage have not experienced negative fallout from the drought affecting Ethiopia.

According to Faya Orphanage director Meseret Demissie, the donations brought to the orphanage have offset other costs, and enabled the orphanage to afford food for the children in her care.

As a result of the drought, prices in central Ethiopia where Faya operates have skyrocketed, meaning that essential food supplies and medicines have become almost out of reach for many families.

Over the last few years, several dozen Canadian families have visited Faya Orphanage with donations, while families in Canada also continue to sponsor children living there. It is this generous support that has helped safeguard the well-being of children who call Faya Orphanage home.

During this food crisis, it has never been clearer that donations from Canadians make a real and lasting difference in the lives of HIV+ and HIV- children living at Faya Orphanage.

If you are planning to visit Ethiopia or have donations you would like to send to Faya Orphanage, please contact VCS board member Nicole Bellefleur at for more information.

While the children at Faya are safe, unfortunately many of the community families enrolled in Faya Orphanage’s House 2 House program in Adama, Wonji, Ambo and Guder are feeling the effects of runaway inflation on food prices.

Please stay tuned to Vulnerable Children Society’s blog and Facebook page this week to learn more about the actions we are taking right now to assist vulnerable families living in Ethiopian communities.

Read more:  Drought in Ethiopia Takes its Toll on Families

Written by Vulnerable Children board member Chris Ardern

Donations Needed – NFL & Toronto area

One of our strengths is our extensive network of families across Canada who want to support vulnerable kids in Ethiopia. Some of these people have connections to the Ethiopian adoption community, while others simply want to help. From a logistics perspective, this means we are often able to match families travelling to Ethiopia, with people collecting donations here at home. By not spending money on shipping, our donors are able to invest more funds in much needed supplies for Faya Orphanage.

We currently have families in Clarinville, Newfoundland and Orangeville, Ontario who will be travelling to Ethiopia in the near future, and they would be happy to transport donations from Canada to Faya Orphanage. If you live in these areas and would like to send donations with these families, please contact us (, and we will put you in touch with them.

 Below is a list of items needed at Faya Orphanage: 

  • Children’s vitamins
  • Children’s Tylenol
  • Baby creams, shampoos, formula, wipes and diapers
  • Vaseline
  • School and arts/crafts supplies
  • Good quality kids’ shoes and 0-4 year old clothes
  • Children’s toys that don’t need batteries and are in good shape

Faya Orphanage is always grateful to receive donations from Canada. Items that cannot be used there are distributed to families in the community, so there is never any waste. With so many Canadians visiting Faya Orphanage on an ongoing basis, we frequently receive updates and photos showing how these much-needed items make a positive impact on the lives of deserving kids in Adama.

Do you have donations to send with a Didsbury AB family?

Tanya in Didsbury has kindly agreed to take donations to Faya Orphanage in Ethiopia if any of our supporters from Calgary (or Didsbury!) are willing to drop them off.

Their family is leaving on February 7th, so time is of the essence. You can see a list of current orphanage needs below. If you have any of these things Tanya can take with her, please drop her an email (quickly!) at sayerg (at)

Thanks so much to Tanya and her family! as well as all of your awesome supporters and donors. Hopefully we’ll get to see some pictures of her visit to Faya Orphanage when she gets back!

Note: please send any cash donations through Vulnerable Children Society (“One-time Donation” paypal/visa/debit link on the left or our address for checks.)

Donation Wish List

  • Diaper cream
  • Children’s vitamins
  • Children’s Tylenol
  • Baby shampoos, formula, wipes and diapers
  • School and arts/crafts supplies
  • Good quality kids’ shoes and 0-4 year old clothes
  • Children’s toys that don’t need batteries and are in good shape

Anything that isn’t needed in the orphanage will be distributed in the community… so there is never any waste.