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Passionate about Ethiopia, helping kids, girls empowerment or HIV? We are too! There are lots of ways to get involved…

Support Children at a Love & Hope Centre
Support Love & Hope Centre Kids
Support Teenage Girls’ Re-employment
Support Teenage Girls’ Re-employment
Visit in Ethiopia or Carry Donations
Visit in Ethiopia or Carry Donations
Volunteer your time
Volunteer your time

Give the Gift of Health to Girls Living with HIV

Give the gift of health to teen girls living HIV and other health challenges. Your donation helps young women who have escaped the sex trade receive medical and lifestyle counselling, so they can lead happy, healthy lives.

Vulnerable Children Society’s New Life program helps teen girls escape the sex trade in Ethiopia. Due to the dangerous nature of their former work, most of the girls in, and graduated from the program have serious health issues, such as HIV and Hepatitis, that can follow them through their lives. Living with these diseases presents many challenges for the girls, such as disease management, proper nutrition, and even getting married and having children themselves.

This new health counselling program provides medical and lifestyle counselling support to alumni girls who have graduated from their year long retraining program, are working in restaurant and other industries, but still face significant health challenges. We are working with our partner Hope for Children in Ethiopia to provide care for the girls currently in the program. Learn more about our New Life program… The health counselling will be provided by an Ethiopian NGO that specilizes in HIV and health support programs. The girls already have been taught about HIV transmission and hygiene; this program represses the next step of caring for themselves and managing these lifelong health challenges.

Donate Now Through!You can support these girls and make a difference in their lives. Your donation is the perfect gift for friends and family who care about Ethiopia, women’s health, girl empowerment and the HIV pandemic.

To make a gift in someone’s name and have us send a printable card,

  1. click the button above and donate
  2. send an email to with names for the recipients of the ecards (and their emails, if you would like us to send the cards directly)
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Support Teenage Girls’ Re-employment in Ethiopia

Vulnerable Children Society and our indigenous NGO partner, Hope for Children in Ethiopia, runs the New Life program : a compassionate and effective year long program to help teen Ethiopia girls escape the sex trade.

These girls were worked in deplorable conditions, often in an indentured situation. The teenage girls, on average fifteen years old, have experienced a life no child should. We help these deserving girls create a new life for themselves. Learn more…

This practical, caring program enables these vulnerable young women to stand on their own feet, and be self-sufficient outside of the sex trade. Donate now!

Donate Now Through!You can support these girls and make a difference in their lives. Your donation also enables us to support other effective and targeted projects to help especially vulnerable children, and to support additional cohorts of girls to lead free and fruitful lives.

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Support Children at our Love & Hope Centre in Ethiopia

Vulnerable Children’s Love and Hope Centre for at-risk children in Kality, an outlying neighborhood of Addis Ababa, welcomes 70 bright and eager children every day after school. The kids are provided hot meals, tutoring and medical services.

Children need holistic care to achieve their potential, including educational, health, and social support.

The centre also provides a warm and accepting environment for the children and their guardians, many of which are ostracized by the greater community because of the health or financial status. Learn more…

You can support these wonderful kids and make a difference in their lives. Your support enables children to receive the love and hope they deserve, as well as educational, health and social care. Your donation also enables us to expand our Love and Hope Centre program to other communities.

Donate Now Through!

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Send Adoption Post Placement Reports


Next delivery trip… September 2016!

Adoption post placement report delivery to Ethiopia

With the closure of Canadian Ethiopian adoption programs, some Canadian adoptive families are lacking a viable way to get post placement reports to Ethiopia. I’m volunteering to deliver post-placement reports to the Ethiopian government from the Canadian families that don’t have another mechanism to send the reports to Ethiopia.

As an adoptive parent myself, I’m keenly aware that these reports are incredibly important: when birth families search at orphanages or the Ministry of Women, children and Youth Affairs (formerly known as MOWA for short) for information about their kids, these reports tell them how they are doing. Many other people, from social workers to orphanage caregivers to government staff, are concerned for the children’s welfare. The post placement reports give these people reassurance about the kids as well. Some adoptive families have the benefit of direct or mediated contact with their children’s birth families, but even those families still have an obligation to the Ethiopian government and other people in the chain of care who need to know about the children.

The format and frequency of reports has changed over the years, and I’m no authority on what the government expects. The last time I heard, post placement reports were due three, six and twelve months after placement, and every yearly anniversary until the children turn 18. All formats I have seen include information about how the children are doing, and photos of the kids. This is a link to one agency’s suggested format.

Click to access PostPlacementReq-Ethiopia.pdf

What format you use, who prepares the report and how often you send them is completely up to you. Not my business! I’m just the delivery service.

But whatever format of post placement report you are sending, I’m volunteering to take it to MOWA for you. I will deliver your post placement reports into the hands of government of officials, who will then distribute them to the orphanages and other offices and chains of communication, as they see fit. I will get a delivery signature, and a picture of handing over the reports.

All I ask is this.

First of all, don’t send me heavy stuff. I need to take this on a plane, and squeeze it in amongst donations and medical supplies for Vulnerable Children Society’s Love and Hope Centre, and Teenage Sex Trade Worker Retraining Program. Please staple your copies (no binders or duo tangs.) Please keep each report to 12 pictures maximum. Think light!

Donate Now Through!

Secondly, please make a minimum $200 donation to Vulnerable Children Society. The trip I am taking these on is a volunteering trip for Vulnerable Children Society, and if I’m taking volunteering time away from the trip, I’d like this side trip to benefit our work in some way. Of course, if you are so financially strapped that you can’t donate to that amount, we will work something out. But courier costs alone would be close to this amount, so it’s a pretty good deal.

Thirdly, you need to send the paper copies of your post placement reports to Vulnerable Children Society’s office before Labour Day. Include your return address, as well as your email, so we can stay in touch if necessary. Here is our office address:

Arnica Rowan
Vulnerable Children Society
806 Patterson Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y5C8 CANADA

I hope this delivery service is of benefit to you and your family. I’m certainly going to take advantage of the trip to deliver our own family’s post placement report, even though we have direct contact with our children’s Ethiopian family and the orphanage they came from. In my opinion, it’s one of those important connections between our children’s first homes and their second, between their birth country and family, and their Canadian family.

If for any reason I am not able to deliver the reports personally to the ministry, then we will, of course, refund your money and send you back the copies of your reports.

I should point out that Vulnerable Children Society has nothing to do with the process of adoption… Our organization focuses on keeping families together through community foster care and self reliance. But since many of our directors’ lives were touched by adoption, we also acknowledge the importance of the connection between birth and adoptive families.

I hope you will follow us along on our trip mid-September. I will post the pictures of delivering the reports on our blog, as well as accounts of our work at the after school centre and teenage education centre we support. We also have a new Instagram account: I hope you will follow along.

My best,
President of Vulnerable Children Society


Our volunteers tell us over and over what a meaningful experience it is to donate their time to Vulnerable Children Society.

We have volunteers help with administrative tasks, carry donations and take pictures of our projects in Ethiopia and fundraise to support programs.

We are also open to your ideas on how you would like to help children in Ethiopia. All of our programs are driven by bright ideas like yours! So don’t hesitate to send us an email with your ideas, or willingness to contribute. Together, we’ll try to find a way you can support the kids in Ethiopia and the society, as well as meet your own volunteering goals.

Visit in Ethiopia or Carry Donations
Visit in Ethiopia or Carry Donations