Give the Gift of Health to Girls Living with HIV

Give the gift of health to teen girls living HIV and other health challenges. Your donation helps young women who have escaped the sex trade receive medical and lifestyle counselling, so they can lead happy, healthy lives.

Vulnerable Children Society’s New Life program helps teen girls escape the sex trade in Ethiopia. Due to the dangerous nature of their former work, most of the girls in, and graduated from the program have serious health issues, such as HIV and Hepatitis, that can follow them through their lives. Living with these diseases presents many challenges for the girls, such as disease management, proper nutrition, and even getting married and having children themselves.

This new health counselling program provides medical and lifestyle counselling support to alumni girls who have graduated from their year long retraining program, are working in restaurant and other industries, but still face significant health challenges. We are working with our partner Hope for Children in Ethiopia to provide care for the girls currently in the program. Learn more about our New Life program… The health counselling will be provided by an Ethiopian NGO that specilizes in HIV and health support programs. The girls already have been taught about HIV transmission and hygiene; this program represses the next step of caring for themselves and managing these lifelong health challenges.

Donate Now Through!You can support these girls and make a difference in their lives. Your donation is the perfect gift for friends and family who care about Ethiopia, women’s health, girl empowerment and the HIV pandemic.

To make a gift in someone’s name and have us send a printable card,

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