Many of Vulnerable Children Society’s projects have been enabled because of amazing people (like you!) spontaneously fundraising and donating the funds to our society.

Fundraise Now Through!What are your ideas? A bake sale? Shaving your head? Throwing a carnival or special event? Collecting donations instead of birthday presents?

We have a few ideas to get you started!

  1. First, it always pays to know the organization you are fundraising for. Check out our Who we are and What we do pages, so you are comfortable answering questions about Vulnerable Children Society.
  2. Set up a giving page on CanadaHelps, using the link above. Then you can share the giving page with others who would like to support your fundraising idea. The giving page will automatically accept donations, send them to us, and issue tax receipts to donors! How cool is that?
  3. Feel free to use photos off our website, as well as our Youtube videos.
  4. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to drop our Fundraising Director Flora an email with your questions! We are happy to support you with photos, information and ideas.

Read about some of our awesome fundraising dynamos!