Visit or Carry Donations

Few moments in life are as gratifying as meeting the children and families you support. Visiting Vulnerable Children Society’s projects is also a great way to check out our work on the ground, so you feel comfortable donating!

You are also providing a valuable service to our society, by taking pictures, spreading the word about our work, and getting your friends and family interested in helping families in Ethiopia.

If you are planning on visiting Ethiopia, let us know! You are welcome to visit our Love and Hope Centre, or carry donations with you for one of our projects.

If you send us an email (, Nicole our Communications Director will connect you with the staff on the ground in Ethiopia so you can visit. You will be provided with a driver / guide and get to tour the program with someone who speaks excellent English. Nicole will also provide you a list of needed donations, if you would like to lug some along with you.

Please note that visiting our projects on the ground may involve some minimal expense, as the driver and vehicle costs are on you 🙂

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