Rebecca visits Faya Orphanage (June 2010)

Recently we have had the privilege of visiting Faya Orphanage in June 2010. When we arrived the kids were at the gate waiting for us. They came running to greet us with hugs and smiles. It didn’t take long for the young boys to grab my husband and take him to the yard to play football!

I had a lovely young girl sit on my lap most of the time. She just needed some snuggles and smiles.

The older children were at school as they now have medicine and are healthy enough to attend school. The staff introduced us to each child and were sure to take us through every room of the small property. They were so proud to point out to us many items that have been provided for Faya over the last year or so with the help of Arnica and friends from Canada. There was shelves, cribs, dressers a radio and many other items that were recently provided for Faya Orphanage.

They told us how much this has blessed the orphanage and we could see the relief and gratefullness in their tired faces. All this time we could smell and hear the popcorn popping and the coffee roasting…. We had been in Ethiopia long enough to know that this meant a coffee ceremony would be happening. Very soon they ushered us into the nice yard which has a mango tree- the children love this! Here we were humbled as they performed the coffee ceremony for us.

Having visited and supported numerous orphanages in Kenya and Ethiopia we were so impressed with the care that the children at Faya receive.

Guest Blogger: Rebecca Fulchers

A third of the way there!

Our Sustainable Funding AmountCongratulations! So far, we are a third of the way to our goal of sustainable, on-going funding!

To support Faya Orphanage, we need approximately $1700 Canadian (at current exchange rates) per month in on-going sponsorships. This amount is crucial for the children to be taken care of at Faya, as well as the administration of the  House 2 House program. (Additional direct costs of the community House 2 House program are on top of this.) 

Thank you so much to the wonderful people who have signed on as sponsors, and to the other wonderful folks who have made a one-time donation, which is helping us meet our obligations this month!

Please encourage your friends and family to get involved as well.

Our thanks!

Vulnerable Children Society Board Members

New Sponsors / Catch-up Donations Needed

Over the past week, the board of directors drew up a budget and figured out the sponsorship amounts for each sponsorship category. Since both the orphanage and the House 2 House program share administrative costs, but the orphanage has larger fixed costs and the H2H program is all variable… this was not an easy task!

However, we’re comfortable and confident moving forward. We’re also happy to be telling everyone about the new organization and what is in place.

Please consider sponsoring a child in Faya Orphanage, or a child or family in the Adama community through Faya’s House 2 House program. All the children are deserving of help and could really use your support.

Since there is a funding gap between when Faya Fund Corp. (the previous fundraising organization) closed its website and when we opened our virtual doors, any one-time donations to fill that gap are highly need and super appreciated!