Slight changes to our Mission – our last modification for charitable status

Over the last month, we have been working very hard to answer all the questions from the Charities Directorate, complete our financial statements, create a budget for next year, and renew our partnership agreement with Faya Orphanage.

The great news? We have sent this all off via fax to the Charities Directorate, and hope to hear good news by early 2011!!!

We made a slight modification to our purposes (aka our mission) with a board of directors vote. This was in response to a request from the Charities Directorate. It’s no biggie, but we thought we would let you know. Stay posted for good news on our charitable status and tax receipts!!

The purposes of the Vulnerable Children Society are now:

  • To provide for the welfare of vulnerable children in African nations, by providing access to food, shelter, education and healthcare through local partnership organizations.
  • To enhance the quality of life for vulnerable children in African nations, by providing tools and opportunities for play, enrichment, learning, attachment, social and emotional development.
  • To build capacity in local partnering organizations that care for vulnerable African children, through mentorship, training and support.
  • To support communities and strengthen families with vulnerable children in African nations by addressing community food, water, shelter, education, sanitation and healthcare needs through local partnership organizations.
  • To facilitate donor sponsorship, and to fundraise, apply for grants and conduct revenue-generating activities to sustainably support programs and administration costs.
  • To provide similar and related services as approved by the board of directors.

Board Meeting Minutes for June 2011

Did you know that Vulnerable Children Society posts all its meeting minutes on the website? It’s part of our “transparency” value in action.

This meeting, we discussed: Okanagan College projects, charitable status, updates to sponsors, travelers, House 2 House program, oversight of current projects and board travel, a potential project for furnishing an educational centre, and more!