Vulnerable Children Society starts a Literacy Library

From Vulnerable Children’s President Arnica Rowan:

When I learned that I was going to Ethiopia in a couple of weeks, I asked Canadian Humanitarian’s Ethiopian coordinator, who operates the Love and Hope Centre, if there was anything I should bring. “10 books of the same title, for our reading club,” he replied. Vulnerable Children’s Love and Hope Centre provides after school tutoring, as well as hot meals, medical care and a safe place for 70 kids to play each day.


Well, thanks to the generous contributions from a variety of donors, we are bringing a whole Literacy Library to Ethiopia next week! There are 10 books of every title, for the 10 students in each reading group. We were able to purchase readers and books at 1/2 price from Scholastic (thank you!) which made the donations go that much further. There are books at a variety of primary levels, all in English, with culturally appropriate topics. We have also purchase vinyl covers for all the books, and a library stamp, to keep them in good order and organized.


If you are wondering why we would bring English books to Ethiopia, it’s because English is one of the keys to getting a good education. Primary schooling is taught in each region’s indigenous language, but by the time students reach post secondary, the majority of instruction is in English. The foreign language is also a big asset is several industries, including tourism and sciences. So enriching the students’ English second language studies is contributing positively.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to our project! We look forward to expanding the library as the students learning needs grow!

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Gindo Education Centre: The walls are going up!

Digging the centre’s foundation in 2011

Canadian Humanitarian’s educational support centre in Gindo, Oromia, Ethiopia, has been making amazing progress since it broke ground in late 2011. Vulnerable Children is looking forward to filling the centre with furniture and supplies; we need your help to complete the project!

Building the center will greatly increase the number of children that can be assisted as well as expand the services to support other segments of the rural Ethiopian community. Not only will the completed centre provide great value to the community but the production of it has proven to be extremely beneficial to the community by providing jobs to the Gindo population.

Ingenious local techniques for building a lasting multi-purpose centre!

The pictures show us the different types of labour that must be used in constructing such a building. These workers do not have the luxury of machinery or tools and are therefore using extreme labour to develop this centre. It is amazing to see what they can do with such minimal supplies!

As construction continues, so does our desire to raise funds so this amazing center can be furnished! Vulnerable Children Society is filling the library with books, furnishing the preschool and kitchen, and filling the centre with supplies. Please help us meet our $5000 fundraising goal!

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Learn more about Vulnerable Children Society and Canadian Humanitarian’s partnership here!

We’re furnishing a library and pre-school in Rural Ethiopia!

Vulnerable Children Society is proud to announce our partnership with Canadian Humanitarian!

Canadian Humanitarian, a fellow registered Canadian charity, is also very focused on breaking the poverty cycle. We are helping kids in rural Ethiopia by furnishing Canadian Humanitarian’s new educational support center in Gindo, Oromia.

This amazing center should open this summer, and will include a preschool, after school program, library, microenterprise center and community garden. We are very excited about the social, physical and emotional opportunities it will create for this community.

The completion of this center will allow the entire community to blossom by providing them with the tools to get themselves out of poverty. We are building sustainability, so the community can thrive and take care of its most vulnerable citizens! Our partnership with Canadian Humanitarian is so effective because  it will allow for resources from around the world to be pooled together to these deserving children.

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A floor plan of the building is below and the construction is well on its way.

Thank you for your continuous support and please stay in touch for updates on the center’s progress!