We’re furnishing a library and pre-school in Rural Ethiopia!

Vulnerable Children Society is proud to announce our partnership with Canadian Humanitarian!

Canadian Humanitarian, a fellow registered Canadian charity, is also very focused on breaking the poverty cycle. We are helping kids in rural Ethiopia by furnishing Canadian Humanitarian’s new educational support center in Gindo, Oromia.

This amazing center should open this summer, and will include a preschool, after school program, library, microenterprise center and community garden. We are very excited about the social, physical and emotional opportunities it will create for this community.

The completion of this center will allow the entire community to blossom by providing them with the tools to get themselves out of poverty. We are building sustainability, so the community can thrive and take care of its most vulnerable citizens! Our partnership with Canadian Humanitarian is so effective because  it will allow for resources from around the world to be pooled together to these deserving children.

Please donate to furnish the Gindo education centre! Donate here!

A floor plan of the building is below and the construction is well on its way.

Thank you for your continuous support and please stay in touch for updates on the center’s progress!

Slight changes to our Mission – our last modification for charitable status

Over the last month, we have been working very hard to answer all the questions from the Charities Directorate, complete our financial statements, create a budget for next year, and renew our partnership agreement with Faya Orphanage.

The great news? We have sent this all off via fax to the Charities Directorate, and hope to hear good news by early 2011!!!

We made a slight modification to our purposes (aka our mission) with a board of directors vote. This was in response to a request from the Charities Directorate. It’s no biggie, but we thought we would let you know. Stay posted for good news on our charitable status and tax receipts!!

The purposes of the Vulnerable Children Society are now:

  • To provide for the welfare of vulnerable children in African nations, by providing access to food, shelter, education and healthcare through local partnership organizations.
  • To enhance the quality of life for vulnerable children in African nations, by providing tools and opportunities for play, enrichment, learning, attachment, social and emotional development.
  • To build capacity in local partnering organizations that care for vulnerable African children, through mentorship, training and support.
  • To support communities and strengthen families with vulnerable children in African nations by addressing community food, water, shelter, education, sanitation and healthcare needs through local partnership organizations.
  • To facilitate donor sponsorship, and to fundraise, apply for grants and conduct revenue-generating activities to sustainably support programs and administration costs.
  • To provide similar and related services as approved by the board of directors.

We DID it! Sustainable Core Funding for Faya Orphanage

Thank you so much, you amazing sponsors!

Thanks to your gracious and generous support, we have reached our first major goal at Vulnerable Children Society: achieving sustainable core funding for Faya Orphanage!!!!

What this means, is that we have enough monthly sponsorship dollars flowing in each month to cover the operational expenses of Faya Orphanage, as well as the administration of the House 2 House community support program. (All of the Faya Child sponsorships and a portion of the Community Child and Family sponsorships are dedicated to this core funding.) 

This is such a big deal for us. When we built our relationship with Faya Orphanage last summer, we asked the director Meseret what her first priority was. Her answer was dependable, consistent funding that she could count on to take care of the children. Well, thanks to all of you – we have done just that. And the folks at Faya can rest easier (as well as us!) knowing that they are enabled to take care of the children without worrying about where the next bag of teff flour is coming from.

As a side note, a special thanks also to our fundraisers and one-time donors. Thanks to your amazing donations and support, we were able to bridge the gap between sponsorships and Faya Orphanage’s needs from the first month we opened our doors. Your generosity is amazing! We will continue to appreciate and use your donations well… from this day forward, they will be used to build a project account and help other deserving vulnerable children. Keep those donations coming! We can assure you, they will be put to good use.

So what’s next?! you may ask…

Well, there is still enormous need in the Adama and Wonji communities. With your help, we are now focusing on building the House 2 House community support program. There are literally hundreds of deserving children and families waiting on a list for Community Child and Family sponsorships. Each sponsorships ensures another family will be able to feed its children, send them to school, and receive the medical care they need.

A portion of the House 2 House sponsorships had been dedicated to supporting the administration of the program and the orphanage (in Ethiopia! Our Canadian VCS organization is 100% volunteer run.) Now, that portion of the sponsorship money will be dedicated to a future project account, and as the House 2 House program grows, will be used to hire additional Ethiopian staff to manage the program.

We are so pleased to deliver this news, and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Congratulations! – now, let’s get some more community sponsors!!