Jewelry fundraiser brings joy to all!

Thank you so much to our wonderful volunteer fundraisers Tammy and Nicole.

Our dynamo fundraising team! Nicole and Tammy

First of all, Tammy hosted a Silpada jewelry sale last month, and donated $340 of her commission to Vulnerable Children Society. With additional piggy bank donations from the jewelry party participants ($75), Nicole and Tammy raised $415 from this initiative.

Ladies trying on jewelry.
The little piggy bank that could.

Secondly, a big shout out to Nicole, who has held an ongoing bottledrive to support the work of Vulnerable Children. she has raised several hundred dollars to date, and is still going strong.

We couldn’t do this work without you! thank you so much, ladies!!!

End of September Update

simple fundraisers
Wow – our first month as a society has been a whirlwind!

First of all, our sincere thanks to all the fabulous people who donated or sponsored kids… after just one month, we have :

  • 21 Faya child sponsorships
  • 5 community child; and 
  • 4 community family sponsorships!

Our goal is $1600 in sustainable on-going, monthly core funding… this means $1600 that we can count on every month from sponsors to support Faya Orphanage as well as the overhead for the community program. We are now at $732 – which is pretty great – from Faya Child sponsorships as well as a little from each of the other sponsorships.

Thanks so much – and please spread the word to get other people involved. We still have $868 in sustainable, core funding to go!