Nova Scotian Students Collect Cans to Help Kids

Across the country at another St. Mary’s School in Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia, two students diligently collected, washed and packed up hundreds of empty cans and bottles for the cause.

Students Aaron MacIntosh and MacKenzie MacKeen were determined to help the kids at Faya Orphanage in Ethiopia. They donated $75 to Vulnerable Children Society, and raised awareness of children who have been left parentless because of the AIDS epidemic.

Way to go Aaron and MacKenzie! Thank you so much!

Jewelry fundraiser brings joy to all!

Thank you so much to our wonderful volunteer fundraisers Tammy and Nicole.

Our dynamo fundraising team! Nicole and Tammy

First of all, Tammy hosted a Silpada jewelry sale last month, and donated $340 of her commission to Vulnerable Children Society. With additional piggy bank donations from the jewelry party participants ($75), Nicole and Tammy raised $415 from this initiative.

Ladies trying on jewelry.
The little piggy bank that could.

Secondly, a big shout out to Nicole, who has held an ongoing bottledrive to support the work of Vulnerable Children. she has raised several hundred dollars to date, and is still going strong.

We couldn’t do this work without you! thank you so much, ladies!!!

On-line Jewelry Party Raises Money for Orphanage

Get an early start on your Christmas shopping, or pick up some gorgeous jewelry for upcoming holiday festivities. Join in our virtual fairtrade jewelry party to raise money for Vulnerable Children Society!

Nicole Bellefleur will be hosting a Silpada Jewelry Party in support of Faya Orphanage in Ethiopia, at her home in Charlottetown, PEI on November 20th, from 1pm-4pm. If you’d like to attend, please contact her directly for her address ( or 902-393-2633).

The Silpada representative, Tammy MacKinnon, will generously donate 50% of her commission to Faya Orphanage!

If you can’t make it in person, join her virtual Silpada party! Silpada ships directly to the customer so no matter where you are in Canada, you too can be part of this exciting fundraiser (and guys, you can join us too by purchasing gift certificates for your loved ones). Simply click on the link below to browse the Silpada catalogue online, and send your order to Tammy by November 20th (be sure to note “Faya Orphanage Fundraiser” in your message). You can contact Tammy through the Silpada website, or by email at

Explore: Silpada Jewelry Catalogue

Silpada Jewelry is handcrafted. It’s made with beautiful .925 sterling silver and semi-precious stones, and each piece has a lifetime guarantee. Best of all, it’s fair trade, empowering men and women in Thailand, Indonesia, India, China, Philippines and Israel.

Tammy MacKinnon is the mother of four beautiful kids – two biological and two adopted internationally. She is the president of the PEI Adoption Coalition, and was a tremendous source of information and support to Island families in the wake of last year’s Imagine Adoption bankruptcy. She and her husband are also foster parents, who have opened their hearts and their home to many children over the years.

50% of the sales commission from this fundraiser will be forwarded to Faya Orphanage through the Vulnerable Children Society, a vibrant new non-profit society created by a committed group of Canadian volunteers and long-time Faya Orphanage supporters. For more information about the Vulnerable Children Society, please visit .