Visitors Appreciated by Orphanage Director: Letter

There were several families who visited Faya Orphanage in the last month.

Director Meseret Demissie wrote me a note full of appreciation for the visitors and the amazing donations they brought, purchased in Adama and contributed.

We don’t have pictures and notes about all the visitors  – but we thank each and every one of your amazing people who connected with our awesome Ethiopian partner.

If you are interested in visiting Faya Orphanage, please contact Nicole (one of our awesome volunteer directors) via and we will connect you to the folks in Ethiopia.

“We have got two containers who had cloths and toys last week .we collected  it from wegos guest house .. all the toys and the size of cloths are very nice for our children. Some times we need cloths for very poor children.” (These were containers sent from Arnica Rowan via Laura& Shawn, and Alison and Corrie)

“Shirley and Alicia… Sintayehu contacted them and they asked me what is the most important thing uses for our children. They bought lots of formula milk, diapers, cooking oil, soap body and cloths, corn flakes. baby size shoes, cloth, some medicines and pasta. We really appreciate the donations! Thanks to them so much.” Sintayehu added: “The other important news of th week is about Alicia and Shirley. They did a great job. Even though they have no time to visit Faya, they bough some food staffs from Addis. I hope you will get the details from Meseret.  It is good to send visitors like this whenever you get the chance.”

“We always appreciate any families come and visit Faya Orphanage. They are special guests for me and for the children too. We always talk about how Vulnerable Children Society is doing  hard work to keep Faya sustainable.”

Our First Newsletter!

Well, Vulnerable Children Society is seven months old and doing amazingly well. We’d love to share with you some pictures and highlights from the first whirlwind half-year.

Please download our newsletter and share it with your friends! VCS April 2011 Newsletter!

Excerpt from the president’s report:

In the summer of 2010, three women were sitting outside in the sunshine drinking hot cups of Ethiopia coffee. We shared friendship and connections to Ethiopia: two of us (Arnica and Tawnya) had adopted children from that country, and one of us (Menbere) originally hailed from there. For several months, we had been contemplating how we could get more involved and contribute to the country that had given us so much. We talked about how Faya Orphanage had an opening for a new partner, and we decided – now is the time. With commitments made over buna, Vulnerable Children Society was born.

Thanks to your strong commitments, we have met and exceeded each of our goals!  Two highlights: We have complete sustainable funding through sponsorship for the orphanage, and have applied for charitable status.

I can’t wait to see what the next six months bring!

We DID it! Sustainable Core Funding for Faya Orphanage

Thank you so much, you amazing sponsors!

Thanks to your gracious and generous support, we have reached our first major goal at Vulnerable Children Society: achieving sustainable core funding for Faya Orphanage!!!!

What this means, is that we have enough monthly sponsorship dollars flowing in each month to cover the operational expenses of Faya Orphanage, as well as the administration of the House 2 House community support program. (All of the Faya Child sponsorships and a portion of the Community Child and Family sponsorships are dedicated to this core funding.) 

This is such a big deal for us. When we built our relationship with Faya Orphanage last summer, we asked the director Meseret what her first priority was. Her answer was dependable, consistent funding that she could count on to take care of the children. Well, thanks to all of you – we have done just that. And the folks at Faya can rest easier (as well as us!) knowing that they are enabled to take care of the children without worrying about where the next bag of teff flour is coming from.

As a side note, a special thanks also to our fundraisers and one-time donors. Thanks to your amazing donations and support, we were able to bridge the gap between sponsorships and Faya Orphanage’s needs from the first month we opened our doors. Your generosity is amazing! We will continue to appreciate and use your donations well… from this day forward, they will be used to build a project account and help other deserving vulnerable children. Keep those donations coming! We can assure you, they will be put to good use.

So what’s next?! you may ask…

Well, there is still enormous need in the Adama and Wonji communities. With your help, we are now focusing on building the House 2 House community support program. There are literally hundreds of deserving children and families waiting on a list for Community Child and Family sponsorships. Each sponsorships ensures another family will be able to feed its children, send them to school, and receive the medical care they need.

A portion of the House 2 House sponsorships had been dedicated to supporting the administration of the program and the orphanage (in Ethiopia! Our Canadian VCS organization is 100% volunteer run.) Now, that portion of the sponsorship money will be dedicated to a future project account, and as the House 2 House program grows, will be used to hire additional Ethiopian staff to manage the program.

We are so pleased to deliver this news, and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Congratulations! – now, let’s get some more community sponsors!!

November pictures of Faya Kids

Thanks so much to Laura for these fantastic pictures from her visit in November! Enjoy the lovely pictures of the Faya Orphanage children. She wrote about her trip:

“Faya was great to visit.  We arrived by surprise, but they still welcomed us right in and made coffee and gave us a tour – it is such a great place and they take much pride in the facility and the children – just wonderful.  Here are pictures from Faya…enjoy.  The one of the two boys in the van was so cute. They are twins and they got in our van and it took us all ages to get them out – they were so mad when we had to leave, they were having so much fun…”

In the courtyard.
Welcoming children!
Meseret and one sweet little orphanage resident.
A caretaker and a cute baby boy.
Little imps! Trying to drive away with the van!

If you would like to sponsor a child, please click here to learn more.