Love & Hope Centre in Ethiopia

Vulnerable Children Society’s Love and Hope (Fikir Tesfa) Centre provides loving care to some of Ethiopia’s most at-risk urban children in Kality, an outlying neighborhood of Addis Ababa. The centre gives these deserving children holistic care to achieve their potential, including educational, health, and social support.

Love and Hope after school centre for poor kids in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Vulnerable Children’s Love and Hope Centre welcomes 70 bright and eager children every day after school. The kids are provided hot meals, tutoring and medical services.

The centre also provides a warm and accepting environment for the children and their guardians, many of which are ostracized by the greater community because of their poverty or health status.

Each day, the 70 children receive a hot meal prepared by guardians the centre has hired to cook. After school, they pile into the centre to play, get tutoring, attend clubs like art and martial arts, tend the garden, brush their teeth and meet their friends. The centre also provides regular medical care, counselling, and weekly showers and clothing changes. The guardians of the children have started micro businesses with our seed funding, to better support their families at home.

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Vulnerable Children Society Ethiopia Helping Kids
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Vulnerable Children Society completely funds the Love and Hope Centre in Kality, and provides strategic direction for its programming. Ethiopian staff from our partner Canadian Humanitarian operate the centre. The children attending the Love and Hope Centre in Kality are supported to attend school through Canadian Humanitarian’s Kids Hope program.

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