Vulnerable Children Society and our indigenous Ethiopian NGO partner, Hope for Children in Ethiopia, enables teen girls to leave the sex trade and find employment in a different industry. The 15-20 year old teenage girls have experienced a life no child should, working indentured in deplorable conditions.

This practical, caring program enables extremely vulnerable teenage girls to stand on their own feet, and be self-sufficient outside of the sex trade.

For the last three years, Vulnerable Children Society has supported ten young women for a year-long program. In Hope for Children’s care, the girls live in a supportive group home, and receive counselling and vocational training. The training program is for ten girls that stay together as a cohort, so the girls can bond and learn to trust each other. They learn one of three trades: sewing, cooking or hair styling. These are highly employable, entry level jobs in Ethiopia. Their training also includes life skills development, health and sanitation, and adult basic literacy. Some of the girls are also recipients of small business loans and training, so that they can be self-employed.

Vulnerable Children Society Teen Sex Trade Workers Reemployment Ethiopia

One of the best parts about the program is that Hope for Children tries to reconnect the girls with their families, where possible and beneficial. Between family reunification and reemployment in a different industry, this program has a fantastic 95% success rate.

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Due to the trauma the girls have experienced and the sensitive nature of this project, donors may not visit this project.