Educational Centre in Gindo, Ethiopia

In 2011/2012 Vulnerable Children Society partnered with Canadian Humanitarian to support the most vulnerable children in rural Gindo, Ethiopia.

Fellow awesome Canadian charity Canadian Humanitarian  built a comprehensive educational support centre, including a preschool, library, microenterprise centre and community garden in Gindo to help the community’s orphaned and extremely vulnerable children. Ethiopia organization BEKA runs the programs, which include pre and post-school tutoring, hot meals and showers for the kids, community support groups and even a volunteer program for the community’s men.

Vulnerable Children Society contributed $10,000 to fill the library with books, furnish the preschool and kitchen, and fill the centre and garden with supplies.

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The community garden is already adding to the community! 1/3 goes to program families, 1/3 for sales, and 1/3 is for the centre for the children to eat!