House 2 House in Ethiopia

Through our previous partner organization  Faya Orphanage in Ethiopia, Vulnerable Children Society provided home care for extremely vulnerable children living in the Adama (also known as Nazreth), Wonji, Ambo and Guder communities.

Most of the children in our community support program were living with HIV; some have family members that are sick or HIV+ as well. Each family and child had an individual story, but what linked the families is their inability to provide for the children’s’ basic health and welfare.With the support of our donors, for two and a half years, we supported 70 children to attend school and receive a small foster care stipend.

This program was discontinued when, on January 1, 2013, Vulnerable Children Society did not renew its relationship with Faya Orphanage, due to reporting issues. Support for the children continued into the spring as we tried to facilitate a new partner to take over this program. Unfortunately, we were unable to do so. The local governments received proposals to continue our support of these children, and we hope they will contact us if the opportunity arises again.

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