Literacy and Health in Liberia

This project is now complete. If you would like to continue to donate, we will gladly forward any remaining funds to Life Literacy.

Some crises need support on a global scale. The Ebola crisis, according to the World Health Organization, has claimed over 6500 lives in Liberia alone (Oct 29, 2014.)

ebola response roadmap

Vulnerable Children Society has partnered with Liberian NGO Life Literacy, to provide home tutoring, nutrition, and most importantly, sanitation supplies and education, for impoverished children in Liberia during the ebola crisis.

life literacy kids

Life Literacy usually operates a school for 50 children outside of Monrovia. Life Literacy was founded in 2004 at the Buduburam refugee camp outside Accra, Ghana. A collaborative initiative of Liberian refugees and international volunteers, the program was created to help address the overwhelming lack of basic literacy skills among the children of Buduburam. For four years, Life operated a free literacy training facility on the camp. In 2008, with the increasing stabilization of Liberia and repatriation of Liberian refugees, Life joined many of its staff and students in moving back to Liberia. With a long-term vision of establishing a free, scalable literacy initiative, they established a school and holistic support program that would fight illiteracy in a displaced population, breaking the cycle of poverty for the children and their families.

liberia ebola education literacy homeschool help kids children donate

Now the 50 children and their families cannot attend school, due to the Ebola crisis. Life Literacy is changing their support so that teachers are visiting small home-based study groups, with arms full of sanitation supplies and food, and knowledge of sanitation procedures to keep their kids and their families safe. This grassroots approach, weaving healthcare and education, not only continues the children’s education, but also helps protect them from the contagious Ebola disease.

Please consider donating to Vulnerable Children Society’s campaign to assist Life Literacy’s staff and volunteers in their work, helping children in Liberia.

Please donate today.

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