A lot goes into running a registered charity, not only to comply with regulations, but also to embody our values and enact our mission with every decision we make.

Vulnerable Children Society is a registered Canadian charity (#810826917RR0001). We were incorporated in 2010 as a society in the Province of British Columbia, and in 2011, received our federal registered charity status. We file annual reports with both the province of BC and the federal Canadian Revenue Agency. Our board of director and annual general meeting minutes are published on this website, along with our financial statements.

We are managed by volunteers, who write contracts, operate our social enterprise, plan programs, answer questions, do the books, visit projects, send out communications, etc. Some of these volunteers are on our board of directors; others have on-going specific volunteering roles. We are also lucky to have people help out in other non-administrative ways, such as fundraising and delivering donations. If you are interested in getting involved in the administration of our organization, or have questions, please simply email us at info@vulnerablechildren.ca !