Support Children at a Love & Hope Centre

Support Children at our Love & Hope Centre in Ethiopia

Vulnerable Children’s Love and Hope Centre for at-risk children in Kality, an outlying neighborhood of Addis Ababa, welcomes 70 bright and eager children every day after school. The kids are provided hot meals, tutoring and medical services. Children need holistic care to achieve their potential,…

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Support Home Schooling During the Ebola Crisis in Liberia

Ebola is raging through Western African, leaving families devastated by death and illness. During the ebola crisis in Liberia, schools and other public areas are closed, for the safety of the students and teachers. But children need to learn, even…

Hope for Children in Ethiopia, Vulnerable Children Society

Support Teenage Girls’ Re-employment in Ethiopia

Vulnerable Children Society is financing a holistic program run by Hope for Children in Ethiopia, an indigenous Ethiopian NGO, to support and retrain teenage girls. These girls were victimized by the sex trade, and worked in deplorable conditions, often in…

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Ethiopian Group Birthday Party

Originally Published On: Ethiopian Group Birthday Party So what exactly is a Ethiopian Group Birthday Party you might ask?! Well just gimme a few short lines and I’ll explain it to you. Love and Hope Center – Kality Volunteering for…

Ethiopia Culture Shock

Ethiopia Culture Shock

Originally Published On: Ethiopia Culture Shock As a traveler, landing in different countries always presents the likelihood of some sort of culture shock. So what are the most shocking things for a Canadian arriving to volunteer in Ethiopia? A Disclaimer…

Arriving in Ethiopia

Arriving in Ethiopia

Just an innocent Canadian terrified of anything and everything, and scared to leave the airport in Africa

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This is not a goat

At Vulnerable Children Society, we don’t have a gift catalog, and we don’t sell goats. Or chickens either. And this is why…

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A surprise gift for the girls in our Teen Sex Trade Worker Retraining Program

My daughters and I had fun shopping for some very special teen girls on Saturday. Tawnya is leaving for Ethiopia next week to check in on our projects, and is visiting the ten girls in our Teenage Sex Trade Worker…

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Sunday school fundraises for Love and Hope Centre in Ethiopia

Canadian Sunday School Supports Ethiopian Children’s Music and Dance Program

Sunday School children in Canada funded a music and dance program for children attending Vulnerable Children Society’s Love and Hope Center in Ethiopia.

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